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Over The Phone Ordering

To end the first month of Island Hope Marts 2nd year, we will be Opening "Booking Orders", to sum it up, with the increase of customers, inventory runs out quite fast, and if you are a late shopper, finding the item that you saw the day before may be challenging, so starting today, We will be providing a choice to order your items over the phone and pay when you arrive at the store!

To make this fair for other customers, all orders are limited to 8 item limit, with a booking length of 5 hours Max, with a fee increase for each hour, bookings can be held overnight but will be liable for additional charges, bookings cannot be accepted if the item has not be replenished or is not be added to stock, booking fees are added to the purchase total marked as ORDER FEE, any order that is not picked up before their order period is expired, the order will be canceled.

more info: +$1.25 per hour (Limit 5 Hours)

1 hour: $0.50

2 hours: $1.75

3 hours: $3.00

4 hours: $4.25

5 hours: $5.50

Overnight Hold: $10-$15 depending on Items

Call for More Info: 971-352-6007

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